Surveillance / Static Observations Investigation services

Surveillance / Static Observations Investigation Services

We are specialist providers of Surveillance & Static Observations Investigation Services. Carrying out surveillance for both private and commercial clients we offer a bespoke service in order to to match your requirements. If you need proactive, flexible and experienced private detectives in Central Scotland, then you won’t be disappointed when coming to us.
We have at our disposal the most up-to-date video cameras, and hidden body cameras worn in clothing for filming inside public premises unnoticed, together with suitably adapted & well equipped vehicles, in which to carry out Covert Surveillance.
We provide updates throughout the job to keep clients appraised of how the job is progressing, where practicable. On conclusion we email a detailed surveillance report including any stills obtained (with time and date stamp), which we aim to have to you within 48 hrs. All Video is filmed in high definition (with time and date stamp applied), this we supply to clients separately, due to the file size.
We appreciate that some jobs are time critical and reporting our findings after completion is as urgent as conducting the practical investigative aspect of the task. Some clients may need to use our reports/photographic evidence for a variety of reasons (or in court) so we provide them in user friendly format. (If clients have any specific requirements with regard to format we’re happy to accommodate.)
We understand clients may require only a short period of observations i.e. to cover a meeting/appointment. We are happy to accommodate any period (minimum 4 Hrs) of covert surveillance or static observations, and can react quickly for short notice jobs.

Our Surveillance service can be carried out for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to:-
” Suspected cheating spouse or partner
” Surveillance to Investigate a person’s lifestyle or their associates
” Benefit Cheats
” Surveillance to gain Evidence of Co-habitation
” Pre-nuptual enquiries
” Surveillance on staff: Moonlighting whilst off sick
” Confirm Residency
” Surveillance to: Confirm Place of Employment
” To Identify: Fraudulent Personal Injury Claims
” Static Observations: Monitor the comings/goings/activities at a property / business premises
” Employee surveillance / Company Infiltration – Theft within a business / unaccounted stock loss – by “planting” a member of staff to carry out undercover operations.
” Surveillance to collect evidence of Anti-Social Behaviour

Most Common Surveillance Requests:

1) Marital surveillance or cheating partners
The Checklist for Cheaters
” Keeping their mobile phone on them at all times
” Change in level of intimacy towards you or not interested in sex
” Mobile phone bills and credit card bills now online and password protected
” Leaving things locked in their car away from prying eyes
” New friends all of a sudden they say they are spending time with
” Longer hours away from home / at work
” Unavailable on the phone when you call
” Unaccounted time away
” Checks what your plans are more often
” Sudden interest in their appearance: hair, clothes, weight
” Seen in strange locations

If you suspect your partner, husband or wife of being unfaithful the most conclusive method of obtaining evidence is hiring someone impartial with experience in this area such as a Private Detective / Investigator to gather the intelligence you require, who can present it in a manner suitable for any future purpose.
We understand the delicacy of this nature of enquiry, and how hard it is to employ a private investigator to check on your loved one. You can rest assured that your partner will not be aware of us.
We will create a surveillance plan, based primarily on information provided by you about the subject (we’re to follow), the vehicle(s) they drive, and their patterns, routines and what/when/with whom you suspect they may be cheating. With the plan we can decide a starting point for the surveillance and what kind of team will be required, to achieve the best results, and to get the photographic evidence you require.

2) Sickness Absenteeism Surveillance
Where an employer suspects their employee who is currently off work “sick” (with a sick note or not) is suspected to be working elsewhere/or having claimed incapacity due to an injury at work is not as incapacitated as they claim.
What starts off as a member of staff taking some time off sick, can turn into long term sickness, costing the business significantly; to replace the staff (whilst paying the staff member whose off sick).
If the staff member is claiming incapactity due to an injury at work this often leads to a claim against the employer for injury or when the employer tries to replace the member of staff whose been off work for a long period, the member of staff pursues an unfair dismissal claim.
Its imperative to get as much background information about the subject and the history that’s led to this point / their reason for being unable to attend work – in order that our private investigators can prepare a structured plan to capture the evidence our client requires.
This will often include capturing video evidence of them working elsewhere, or doing tasks that clearly wouldn’t be possible if they were as incapacitated as they stated to their employer. We suggest clients aim to capture the required proof on a few occasions to avoid the subject being able to say/when shown the proof obtained “I was having a good day that day”, as has been said many a time.
Using covert surveillance we gather photographic/video evidence as to the subject’s capabilities with regard to physical activity and state of health, exposing fraudulent claims (if applicable).
Whilst it costs an employer to have a professional investigation done it costs significantly more to do nothing and pay out continually sick pay, extra staff to cover staff off sick, lump sum payouts for for fraudulent personal injury claims /a claim following unfair dismissal.

3) Personal Injury Surveillance
Our private investigators have considerable experience in working on behalf of Insurance Companies primarily watching individuals covertly who are claiming Personal Injury for whatever reason.
Surveillance is put in place to gather photographic /video / evidence of the claimant doing activities (or working elsewhere) which would not be possible if the claimant’s stated injuries were genuine.
4) Static Observations Surveillance
This type of surveillance is conducted when a client wants to understand the occupancy; log the comings and goings at a propety/premises.
It might be used in marital situations where our client requires proof where an individual is spending their nights, for cohabitation reasons.
Static Obs can log the movement in/out of a premises, log the vehicle details of each subject leaving/arriving and the duration they stayed.
Suitably adapted/equipped vehicles allow operatives to carry out this type of task without been seen in vehicle. A vehicle believed to be empty is no threat to anyone.

We hope you have found the above information helpful with regard to the surveillance services our private investigators can offer you. If you want to speak to a private detective in Wales today, then please contact us.

If you’ve not got the time to call – you can contact us via email (: – for a Guaranteed same day response.

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