Vehicle Tracking with GPS

Vehicle tracking in real time

Investigations using the latest tracking technology with GPS can be used to provide real time location and information of a vehicles movements, in addition it offers a protection measure for expensive plant and machinery.


GPS trackers:

Our trackers are industry approved, they are also used within law enforcement agencies

Trackers can be monitored from the comfort of your own home on a smart phone or tablet.

They are installed discreetly and offer the client a cost effective surveillance measure




They can:

• Monitor a subjects vehicle movements 24 hrs a day

• Provide an accurate log

• Assist in the prevention of unauthorised use

• Save money


GPS trackers have the ability to not only see where the vehicle is located in real time, but also log all the locations the vehicle has been.


Trackers can be incorporated into any investigation of your choice, with daily or long term use at competitive rates

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