Surveillance investigations designed for results, a great way to find the truth, with photographic or video evidence being obtained where possible during the task.

For example:

Catching a partner cheating.

Monitoring employees who maintain they are off with sickness.

Obtaining evidence of benefit fraud.

If you are planning a DIY surveillance investigation – Think again!!


Why? Because the chances are you will get caught – and then what will you do?

The suspect will most likely change their behaviour and your chance to gain evidence will be lost








Surveillance Investigators

Professional surveillance operators are extremely well trained.

All our investigators are trained to national Government approved standards which adhere to the Standard Industry Authority (SIA) guidelines.

Whilst conducting investigations we often use more than one investigator, who is equipped with state of the art communication and recording equipment, including:

• High definition recording devices

• Encrypted communication devices

• GPS satellite navigation devices

• Long range cameras

We conduct surveillance in a methodical, lawful manner, this reduces the chances of arising suspicion.

In order to achieve this we use covert vehicles and specialist covert equipment

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“I am writing to thank you for the investigation services provided by Lothian Private Investigations. It has been a pleasure working with Lothian Private Investigations and after a 12 month drain on my company by an individual I finally found someone who could find me a solution. Thank you.”

Chris Cotton
Owner, HD decorators

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