Are you sick of being lied to?

Do you just want to know the truth?

You just want to put your mind at ease for once and for all.

Is your partner spending more time than usual away from home?

Have their daily habits changed?

Do their clothes smell of smoke, perfume, aftershave?









Calling a Private investigator is a difficult thing to do, people don’t want to share inner feelings, we are friendly non judgemental and assure confidentiality.

All our operatives are ex Military who adhere to the military ethos of:

• Discipline

• Ethics

• Integrity

• Loyalty

• Respect for others

• Selfless commitment


We ensure that all your data remains private and safe in line with the Data protection Act 1998

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“I am writing to thank you for the investigation services provided by Lothian Private Investigations. It has been a pleasure working with Lothian Private Investigations and after a 12 month drain on my company by an individual I finally found someone who could find me a solution. Thank you.”

Chris Cotton
Owner, HD decorators

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