Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

How can i find out if my partner is cheating?


  1. Watch for Changes In Behaviour

You don’t have to be a behavioural psychologist to pick up on small changes. Maybe your partner is more reserved, less affectionate, acting colder? Trust is very important in a relationship, but when somebody starts acting strangely with no justification or reason, it can be hard to trust them. A cheating partner will often try to exploit your trust, to make you feel bad for having suspicious. That being said, there can be any number of reasons that your lover is acting differently, maybe you’re projecting so much insecurity onto them that they’re worried about why you’re acting different. This means two things. First of all, it means proper trust and communication are very important for a successful relationship. Oh, and it also means you’ve got to get some PROOF,

  1. Check Your Rationality

Make sure you’re being rational. Don’t jump to conclusions without any proof. You may need the services of a private investigator Take account in your mind of the reasons why you think your lover might be cheating on you, what grounds do you have to be suspicious? Are there any tell-tale signs? You can share your reasoning with a friend that you trust, just to make sure it all checks out. You can even talk to your spouse, “Hey, I feel like you’ve been a little bit distant lately, is everything okay?” See what kind of answer they give you.

  1. Get A professional helper

Did your man say that he’s going to watch the game with a couple mates at the pub? If you were to just show up unannounced, that might seem a little strange, especially if you’re interrupting a guy’s night. He might get berated for it, and question why you showed up, he might start to think you don’t trust him. Ironic, since that’s the reason you showed up… But, what if you were to employ a private investigator to conduct surveillance at the pub, is he really there with his mates, or is he with someone else? Or is he somewhere else all-together? You can get the answers to these questions by hiring a private investigator.

  1. Check Their Phone

This is a bold move. It violates your partners trust. But there are even apps you can discreetly install on their phone to spy on them. This is only to be done once you’ve caught them in legitimate lies, you’ve checked your rationality, and you’re all but certain they’re cheating on you. So maybe when they’re in the shower, or sleeping, or whenever you can safely take a peek. If you find something, you’ll have to decide how to handle it. It can be tricky to admit you looked through their phone, but if you’ve already gathered other evidence and caught them in a lie – that will often be enough to get them to confess. If they still deny it and lie even more, you have the phone proof in your back pocket as undeniable evidence of a cheater.

Bonus “BUSTED!” Story

There was a story on Reddit lately about a man who grew suspicious of his girlfriend cheating on him after she kept coming up with excuses to not go on a group camping trip at the very last minute and used his mobile to catch infidelity. Before leaving, he went into her car and left her a little note, and “accidentally” dropped his iPhone under her seat. Using the GPS feature on the phone, he was able to determine that she spent that night at a strange address which happened to be registered to her ex-boyfriend’s father. Oops!


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