Got a cheating Partner

Got a Cheating Partner?

The question i get asked the most as a Private Investigator, is How do i tell if my partner is cheating on me and what do i do about it?
A lot of clients give examples of things that are different/things that have changed that they’ve noticed about their partner, but can’t give any reason for it :-
” their partner suddenly starts new routines which involve time away from the house
” unusual messages on partners mobile phone
” your partner being over protective of their mobile/putting keypad lock on so you can’t access
” they suddenly start using a PAYG mobile too (untraceable)
” new interest in their appearance, new clothes perfume/aftershave, going to the gym
These examples could be quite innocent, but they are also ways to hide things and patterns we see quite regularly.
As private investigators we do surveillance to ascertain if your suspicions are right. We follow the individual, take photos, gather video footage. obviously we take our instruction from our clients as to when the best time to do surveillance is i.e. if your partner starts playing squash every Tuesday from 6pm till 9.30pm and comes home every Tuesday with the sports bag containing a squash racket and a dry towel still smelling of your bold wash powder then Tuesday nights might be a good time!

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