The benefits of a GPS Tracker

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Lets discuss how a tracker can help you in your quest to catch your cheating partner. I’ve recently purchased some new GPS trackers, smaller and sleeker than the rest,  and I’ve got to admit I’m impressed.

So often the technology of today says it can do it but its a struggle to set up new gadgets, and get them to perform to your unique specification, and can they really do what they say on the tin? I guess there are a lot of trackers out there and some are good and some are not so good as with everything in this world.

I did a lot of research before buying mine, ensuring i got the ones that were recommended in this business as being the best, as they can be a large outlay and you don’t want to have to buy again! the trackers we use vary in size dependent on their battery life, some are as small as a packet of matches, some are a little larger. we hire them out on a weekly basis/or daily if you prefer. They’re all about the battery life and how long it lasts, some of ours last 7 – 10 days some last 6 months and the strength of the magnets they come with nowadays would amaze you.

With the good ones, gone are the days of them falling off when the car goes over a pot hole I put one of my trackers on a vehicle for about 6 weeks and it was good as gold. For those of you that don’t know they are gps trackers so have a Sim card on board. It’s the Sim card and gps that enable it to log its location from every 10 seconds to every few hours – whatever period its set on. they log it to within a few metres. so if you imagine it being on a car and every 10 seconds throughout the cars journey it logs it location, it’ll provide a nice picture of the route the car took, with the address it logs every time. They are really clever as to save battery they “snooze” when the car stops, and re awake when the car moves, thus making it obvious how long the car stopped at an address.  After sensing movement they wake up and start logging the locations.

We use them for marital surveillance, or for employees who aren’t where they should be mainly. lets face it how many people actually walk anywhere nowadays who own a car – so where the car is – the driver is! this is the control panel that we look at to track the tracker. it shows:- the longitude and latitude of the tracker/car its attached to the speed the car is going how often its set to report its location how strong the gps signal is how much battery is left if its awake/asleep its got a little compass on it it shows the image of where the car is on street view and as controller of the tracker we can set it to sound an alarm on movement, or if it goes in/out of certain zones referred to as hot zones. so if you suspect someone your partner may be seeing it’ll alert us when it goes to that address.

The history option allows you to look at at any day and it’ll tell you all its reported activity. date and time address with partial postcode, longitude and latitude, view on street view – example below they really are mega if you get the right type. we supply clients with a daily report which comes from the above history panel – it downloads it into a exel/pdf doc for the day(s) times you ask for, its very flexible. the use of trackers with surveillance can cut back on the cost of surveillance. i.e. some clients will have surveillance for the period they ar ereally interested and use the tracker to cover a longer period as back up/peace of mind.


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